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Time to plant Spring-Summer 2024 garden.  We continue to reap the bounty of our fall 2023 garden but we are pruning and preparing slots for out Spring-Summer garden.  Stay tuned!

We added two Greenstalk tower garden units last year (2023) and added two more in August for Florida Fall-Winter Planting.   Things grow FAST in Central Florida and I will do another one soon.  When we moved to Winter Haven, four+ years ago, we had nothing but our furniture out here.  Then we added our first vertical garden, our Garden Tower Two.  Last year we had a large raised bed planter made that we have had great success with.  Nancy has added all sorts of other plants but she has a nice mix of flowers, plants and such with a focus on 'Edible' plants.  YUM!

We have added two more Greenstalk vertical garden towers making a total of 4 plus our Garden Tower Two and the long vertical garden.  We have a total of 168 spots to plant plus that 20ft long raised garden planter.  Not to mention some sundry pots and such.  We hope to have a bountiful Fall-Winter Garden.  Time will tell, stay tuned!!!

Fall-Winter Garden 2023-2024
We had amazing beet & carrot production lots of great greens and great production of dandeline.

Expanded Fall 2023 Tower Garden
This is our Garden
Summer 2023

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